CORDURA re/cor™

CORDURA re/cor™

Expect More, Waste Less

Made with recycled materials with the strength and durability of CORDURA® FABRIC

We have continuously worked to create products that are stronger, tougher, lighter and longer-lasting. We believe that Sustainability Begins with Products That Last™. Innovation is at the heart of what we do, always striving to provide innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs. CORDURA re/cor™ is a collection of fabrics that include RPET, RN6 and our latest product innovation, CORDURA re/cor™ RN66.

campers hiking with gear made with CORDURA re/cor™ RN66

RN66 – Durable. Responsible. Innovated To Last.

CORDURA re/cor™ RN66 fabrics are durable fabrics made from reclaimed post-industrial waste materials that have been recycled into high-quality yarns. With responsible options made from 100% recycled materials, our newest offering comes in a range of deniers that provide the strength anvd durability CORDURA® fabric is known for. CORDURA re/cor™ RN66 fabrics are designed for a variety of products, including apparel reinforcements, outerwear, bags and packs, luggage, equipment, accessories and footwear.

person with products made with CORDURA re/cor™ RN6 yarn

RN6 – Nylon Fabric That’s Re-built To Last.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. By utilizing specialized recycling technologies, we are reusing materials left over from the manufacturing process, while still supplying a fabric that is engineered to meet the performance and durability specifications of the CORDURA® brand. This 100% recycled nylon 6 yarn transforms post-industrial waste into CORDURA re/cor™ RN6 yarn. CORDURA re/cor™ RN6 fabrics are designed for a variety of products, including technical packs, day packs, luggage and footwear.

person hiking with products made with CORDURA® re/cor™ RPET

Rpet – Transform Waste To Want.

Waste avoidance is an important attribute of the CORDURA re/cor™ RPET fabric portfolio. This 100% recycled high-tenacity polyester yarn is created from discarded bottles and packaging. These fabrics meet the fabric performance and durability specifications of the CORDURA® brand. CORDURA re/cor™ RPET fabrics are designed for a variety of products including backpacks, day packs, footwear, luggage and accessories. These fabrics use 40% of the minimum amount of CORDURA re/cor™ RPET qualifying recycled yarn in polyester fabrics (by weight of fabric excluding any coating).

person wearing clothing made with CORDURA® re/cor™ blends


CORDURA re/cor™ blends offer performance and design elements that cannot always be achieved with one fiber alone.

macro photo of CORDURA® re/cor™ Fabric

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