CORDURA® Combat Wool™ Fabric

CORDURA Combat Wool™ Fabric

The Comfort of Wool, the Performance of Nylon

Traditional Wool Look and Feel with Added Durability

Merino Blend

CORDURA Combat Wool ™ Fabric utilizes merino wool blended with nylon 6,6 to create a fabric that delivers the aesthetics and comfort of wool with enhanced abrasion resistance and the performance benefits of nylon.

Lightweight Strength

With optimal strength-to-weight ratio and excellent tear strength, CORDURA Combat Wool ™ Fabric offers up to 10 times more abrasion resistance.

Versatile and Flexible

CORDURA Combat Wool ™ Fabric can be woven with or without stretch and can be finished, coated or laminated for design flexibility. In addition to applications in active urban lifestyle wear as well as military and work uniforms, CORDURA Combat Wool™ Fabric can also be adapted for bags, footwear and accessories.

Breathability and Comfort

CORDURA Combat Wool ™ Fabric offers the comfort and aesthetics of wool ideal for baselayers, activewear and workwear.

macro photo of CORDURA® Combat Wool™ Fabric

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CORDURA Combat Wool™ Fabric

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