CORDURA® Ballistic Fabric

CORDURA® Ballistic Fabric

Woven Nylon That’s Built Tough

Designed to Handle Whatever Life Throws at It

Military Heritage

Based on woven nylon originally developed for use in military body armor, CORDURA® Ballistic Fabric is dense and rugged, utilizing high-tenacity nylon 6,6 filament yarns that offer enhanced tear and abrasion resistance.

Tightly Woven

CORDURA® Ballistic Fabric is densely woven using a 2x2 basket weave (minimum) for ideal strength-to-weight ratio and excellent resistance to abrasion and tearing.

Luster and Sheen

Utilizing high-tenacity (>420D) nylon 6,6 bright filament for luster and sheen, CORDURA® Ballistic Fabric is available in coated or laminated options.

Durable Gear

With its inherent durability, CORDURA® Ballistic Fabric is ideal for use in backpacks, luggage, footwear and in motorcycle gear and apparel.

macro photo of CORDURA® Ballistic Fabric

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