“Hi, I’m Rusty. This is me out kayaking in my smart new buoyancy jacket.”

June 22, 2020 |

Rusty the lab speaking. Just thought you’d like to know that my two-legged buddies at Red Original have come up with a really smart idea. Something I’ve been dropping hints about for ages. You see, wherever there’s water, we dogs love to be in the action. Sailing, paddle boarding, canoein…. Hey, we’re outdoor types. And sure, we can swim. (Never heard of doggy paddle?) But when it gets a tad rough out there, we could use a little help. So, at last, here it is. The Red Original Dog Buoyancy Aid. With a great design that leaves all four of our legs free so we can actually move about freely in the water. And with four generous grab handles so we can be hauled to safety when it’s “dog overboard!” Not to mention fastenings that don’t pinch our skin or fur.

As for Brad – the guy who hangs out with me – he loves it because it’s made of something called CORDURA® Classic fabric – high tenacity durable woven nylon 6,6, with waterproof coating.

So doggone durable

According to the dudes at Red Original, this CORDURA ® fabric is pretty cool. Tear-resistant, abrasion-resistant, hard-wearing, long-lasting. All that stuff, and more. And with the water-proof coating it seems you can just use it and hang it up somewhere to dry. So it’s easy to maintain, know what I mean?

And the team making all this premium watersports gear know their stuff. They come up with all kinds of amazing ideas - for paddleboarding and all kinds of water sports. You name it, they do it.

CORDURA ® fabric. Not just a dog’s best friend

Seems you don’t have to be a dog to get all the benefits of CORDURA ® fabric. From what I hear, it’s used a heck of a lot in adventure gear for humans, too. Like clothing, bags, and stacks of other outdoor kit.

No big surprise, because a lot of you need far more protection out in the wild than I ever will. And if you can’t grow a coat like mine, I guess the next best thing is to wear one made from CORDURA® fabric

Anyway, gotta dash. Been talking to Brad (I swear he understands every word I say) and we’re heading off for some serious SUP action.