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November 05, 2018 |

How is it that Carhartt always manage to get it exactly right? Always coming up with the ideal workwear for the job – like this newest generation of their Steel range?

Well, it certainly helps of you have a highly creative in-house team behind the designs. But Carhartt went much deeper into things. Getting practical help from real working people who know every twist and turn of their skilled jobs – including exactly what they want to wear. Not to mention some very valuable input from CORDURA® fabrics. Let Anne Rourke, design manager for bottoms at Carhartt, give you the full inside story:

Our latest line was built and inspired using years of jobsite visits and insights from our Carhartt Crew – with carpenters, roofers, aircraft and diesel mechanics, landscapers, and engineers being just a few of the occupations we reached out to. We worked with our Insights team and even used a crowd sourcing tool to help design and test products with the goal of creating the ‘Ideal pant solution’. With the Crew’s invaluable feedback on optimal ergonomics and functionality, we developed our Rugged Flex® Steel Multi-Pocket Pant - not only with extra rugged stretch CORDURA® NYCO fabric for mobile durability but also with additional CORDURA® fabric reinforcement in critical wear areas.


A complete range that met with complete satisfaction

The Steel range includes Rugged Flex® Pant, Double Front Pant and Multi-Pocket Pant as well as the Full Swing® Jacket. And believe us, something this good doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, the sketching, fabric and trim development, testing and prototyping to final product was approximately a year long process. And this depth of deliberation shows in every detail – such as the ergonomically placed kneepad pockets, incorporated to provide an enhanced level of comfort and protection.

So what did the people who really count – the actual wearers – make of the outcome? According to the Carhartt crew: “The material, knee pads, fit, flex and durability are amazing, and the pocket layout and reinforced areas were very well thought out.” Praise indeed, from people who know what they’re talking about.

Carhartt and CORDURA®. An insight into over twenty years of collaboration.

Our long relationship was formed back in 1998 when Carhartt first introduced CORDURA® fabrics to develop one of their most innovative ranges. It was a meeting of like minds between people who shared the same ideals. And one which Carhartt have acknowledged as playing an important role in the makeup of their most durable products. Describing CORDURA® as ‘the best material out there’, the reason they gave for choosing it was the fabric’s extreme durability - and the fact that it holds up so well against abrasion and tearing.

Well, given that it’s lasted for over two decades, it’s certainly been a durable collaboration. And with the introduction of the Steel collection, that spirit of partnership is now stronger than ever. Here’s how it’s described by Cindy McNaull, global CORDURA® brand and marketing director.

Our heritage with Carhartt continues to evolve as evidenced by this latest integration of consumer-insights and CORDURA® fabric technology to innovatively address unmet needs. Our latest collaboration on the Steel range, including Rugged Flex® and Full Swing® garments, is a true testimony to our 20 years of continuous partnership.


Long may it continue - and long may people wearing this new Carhartt range continue to Live Durable™.