Paul Garraway
Sr. Technical Service Representative

Q: What notable figure or celebrity defines durability best? Why?

A: Bryan Robson (Manchester United and England). My all time football icon who throughout his career suffered multiple serious injuries. A mixture of commitment and durability enabled him to continue playing at the top level and achieve many honors including the distinction of captaining both club and country.

Q: Which of your hobbies tests your durability the most?

A: I am an avid if somewhat limited ability golf player. Different golf courses not only test my physical durability due to location and design but also my mental durability to remain focused when fatigue and frustration kick in, which seems to be every round!

Q: Where in the world is your favorite place to be?

A: Cornwall in the UK. Glorious coastline, beaches, cold Atlantic Sea and many years of happy family holidays, and of course home of the famous Cornish Pasty.