Comfort and aesthetics of wool with the performance of nylon

Combining the comfort and aesthetics of wool with the durability of nylon, CORDURA® COMBAT WOOL™ fabrics offer engineered endurance performance. Woven using INVISTA nylon 6,6 staple fiber that is intimately blended with merino wool for an authentic classic wool look and feel with enhanced abrasion resistance and toughness.


  • Rugged – up to 10X more abrasion resistant*
  • Comfort – high wool content
  • Lightweight strength – optimal strength to weight ratio
  • Strong - excellent tear strength
  • Authentic – look and feel of classic wool wovens
  • Minimum INVISTA nylon 6,6 fiber content required

*Independent lab test performed in June-2014 compared identical weight and construction 100% wool and wool/nylon blend fabrics

Fabric type: Woven constructions with and without stretch functionality. Can be finished, coated or laminated if required

The CORDURA® COMBAT WOOL™ fabric portfolio offers apparel solutions for today’s active urban lifestyle and specialist military and work uniform applications. Some options can also be adapted for use in bags, footwear and accessory items.

Abrasion Resistance (see bar chart)- CORDURA® COMBAT WOOL™ fabric vs 100% Wool fabric* What makes CORDURA® COMBAT WOOL™ fabric so durable? It’s specifically engineered with INVISTA high tenacity nylon 6,6 staple fiber that can be blended with wool and other staple fibers for long-lasting durable performance. It can be a battlefield out there. Now you’re ready.

*Results based on Martindale abrasion EN ISO 12947-2 with standard woolen abradant 12Kpa weight. Test stopped at 250,000 rub cycles. Independent lab test on same weight fabric constructions (164-209gsm) June 2014.

CORDURA® Combat Wool™ Fabric


  • 140 gm2 to 220 gm2 range
  • Up to 10X more durable than 100% wool fabric*
  • Authentic look and hand feel
  • Excellent abrasion and tear resistance
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Woven stretch options

*Independent lab test  performed in June-2014

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