The original CORDURA® fabric with textured yarns

 Designed for living and built to last, the original durable CORDURA® fabric has proven performance in many   of the world’s toughest environments.  Made with high tenacity air jet textured nylon 6,6   filament yarns in a   range of sizes – 330D, 500D, 700D and 1000D. 


  • Rugged – excellent resistance to abrasion
  • Strong - excellent tear strength
  • Water Repellent – finished, coated and laminate options
  • 100% high tenacity nylon 6,6 filament fiber

Fabric type: Woven – plain, dobby, basket and ripstop constructions. Can be finished, coated or laminated


Application Type/Finish Filament Content
Bags, Backpacks, Luggage and Accessories Water Repellent/Coated 500D, 1000D
Military equipment Ripstop/Coated 330D, 500D, 700D, 1000D
Motorcycle Clothing  Water Repellent/Coated 500D, 1000D
Workwear/Garment Reinforcement Uncoated 500D, 1000D
Footwear Coated or laminated 500D, 1000D
Outerwear Coated or laminated 330D, 500D

The CORDURA® Classic fabric portfolio offers versatile solutions for a range of end-uses including footwear, bags, luggage and backpacks, military equipment, garment reinforcement and protective   outerwear such as motorcycle clothing.

CORDURA® Classic Fabric 


  • Military-grade filament fiber
  • Excellent abrasion and tear resistance
  • Air jet textured for high abrasion resistance
  • Stylish versatility
CORDURA® Classic Coated Fabric 


  • Excellent abrasion and tear resistance
  • Water Repellent or Waterproof options
  • Air jet textured for high abrasion resistance
  • Stylish versatility

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