Highly breathable knit constructions engineered for enhanced abrasion and snagging resistance, the CORDURA® AFT fabric range includes high tenacity polyester 3D spacer fabrics and high tenacity nylon 6,6 mesh that can be foam or felt laminated for outer shell footwear applications.
  • Breathable – open knit constructions
  • Lightweight – 150 gm2 and above
  • Rugged – snag and tear resistant
  • Strong - Excellent tensile strength to weight ratio
  • 3D Spacer – durable nylon 6,6 or polyester outer face technical knit
  • Warp Knit – durable nylon 6,6 mesh knit (laminated options)
Fabric type: Knit constructions – circular, flat, warp. 3D spacer/mesh. Coated. 2- or 3-ply laminates
3D spacer range for use in athletic/sports styled footwear. Technical 3D mesh for backpacks and carry solutions.  Supple 2D mesh, warp knits for use in footwear such as military boots, motorcycle gear and apparel reinforcement.

AFT Warp Knit 


  • Lightweight durability
  • Open knit construction
  • Drapeable – supple mesh
  • 2D knits – HT nylon 6,6
  • Military boots
  • Motorcycle reinforcement

AFT Laminated 


  • Durable outer face
  • 2D knits laminated to foam or felt backing
  • Water Repellent
  • Footwear applications

AFT Spacer Knit 


  • Durable outer face
  • 3D spacer knit – monofilament mid layer
  • Athletic footwear

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