You've got questions, we've got answers. For more than 30 years, CORDURA® fabric has been recognized worldwide as the fabric of choice for manufacturers of high performance gear and apparel. With its well-established reputation for toughness and durability, CORDURA® fabrics continue to meet the ever increasing challenges in both consumer and military uses including luggage, backpacks, boots, military wear, upholstery and performance apparel.

Q1. What is CORDURA® fabric?

CORDURA® fabric is a collection of fabrics qualified by INVISTA for use in a wide array of products from luggage and backpacks to boots, military wear and performance apparel. CORDURA® brand fabrics are recognized for their long-lasting durability and resistance to abrasions, tears and scuffs.

From the classic air-jet textured nylon fabrics to today's ultra light weight nylon and high tenacity polyester fabrics, CORDURA® fabrics are available in a wide range of fabric constructions, weights and textures, including:
  • Ultra Light Weight Nylon Ripstop Fabrics (30, 70, 100 denier)
  • Nylon/Cotton Blends for Workwear and Denim
  • Textured Nylon Bottom Weights (160, 330 denier)
  • Light Weight Nylon Packcloths (210, 420 denier)
  • Textured Nylon or Polyester Packcloths (300, 500, 1000 denier)
  • Heavy Weight Nylon Ballistic Fabrics (630, 840, 1050 denier)

Q2. What is the CORDURA® fabric test?

All qualified CORDURA® fabrics have been validated to ensure they meet the durability and quality standards of the CORDURA® brand. INVISTA works closely with its worldwide authorized mills and converters to ensure consistency of fabric quality and fitness for use.

Q3. What is the proper care for products/garments made with CORDURA®  fabric(s)?

Products made with CORDURA® fabrics are made to last, and are generally easy to care for. First, always look for and follow the garment care label instructions.

General care instructions are as follows:
  • Apparel: Wash on low temperature setting using mild detergent. Either air dry or dry on low setting. Avoid chlorine or bleach based cleansers.
  • Upholstery/Backpacks/Luggage: Soil may be removed with spray cleaner or detergent and water. Avoid chlorine or bleach based cleansers.
  • Oil or grease should first be treated with a dry cleaning solvent followed by a spray cleaner or detergent and water. Avoid chlorine or bleach based cleansers.

Q4. Where can products and garments made with CORDURA® fabric be purchased?

CORDURA® fabric is available in many of today's top brands. The CORDURA® fabric hangtag or label provides assurance of stylish, durable quality fabric.