Get In The Zone with CORDURA® fabrics at A+A 2019

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October 30, 2019 |

Athletes expect a competitive edge from their sportswear. Dedicated teams of designers work with a vast array of materials to create kit that helps the wearer push themselves to their limit. Garments that are constantly upgraded. Harnessing vital innovations. We see the results as World Records are broken and broken again.

At CORDURA®, it’s no different for work clothing. Flexibility, durability and ingenuity should be woven into every fabric used in the world of workwear. After all workers stretch, strain and strive to get the job done, so they deserve the kind of workwear that can stay the distance, designed to put them at the top of their game. But most importantly, the kind of workwear that helps support the challenges on the job site, day in, day out.

At this year’s A+A workwear show we’re showcasing our latest durable, flexible, performance workwear fabrics. Designed to offer that competitive edge required for the specialist work gear worn by the tomorrow’s workforce champions.

Join us in Düsseldorf, Germany – 5-8 Nov 2019 for the A+A show and see the innovative collection of CORDURA® fabrics for workwear.
A+A: Booth 9/E39