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Crafted in Japan

October 25, 2018 |

Welcome to the second in our ‘Crafted in Japan with CORDURA® fabric’ series, where we’re celebrating exciting collaborations with Japanese brands and designers. Beautiful ideas, elegantly designed and lovingly crafted with consummate skill. And now, we’re honored to say, made with CORDURA® fabric.

This time we’re turning the spotlight on CIE, one of the most exciting of the emerging brands that are powering Japan to the forefront of product innovation with their unique take on tradition.

Their design philosophy springs from their ‘spirit of enquiry’ and this is given shape in a distinctive military approach to carry solutions. Minimalistic yet highly functional, this is expressed perfectly in one of their latest products that’s already recruiting new admirers.

CIE’s smart military pouch is always ready for duty

Made to help you make it through the urban battle zone, this mini-shoulder pouch keeps everything within reach and ready for action.

Highly adaptable to deal with any situation, it starts out as a clutch pouch - but with a swift adjustment of the cords you can sling it on your shoulder and be hands-free. That instant versatility also shows in the carabineer snap link, which lets you quickly and easily attach extra items to add to the generous carry capacity.

The pouch has a vintage military look, but the technology is right on trend. That’s because it’s ruggedly engineered in CORDURA® NYCO fabric. Widely used in uniforms, this fabric is light weight, comfortable, and exceptionally durable. Exactly what you want on those days when the everyday world turns into an assault course.

See the video to see how it’s made

Every brand and product we feature in ‘CRAFTED IN JAPAN WITH CORDURA® FABRIC’ has its own video, and you can view the one dedicated to CIE below.

In close-up, this follows the progress of crafting the mini shoulder pouch from design planning to cutting and sewing. All executed with the meticulous care that makes it such a highly desirable object.



It’s an unmissable series

We’ll be bringing you more great ideas ‘CRAFTED IN JAPAN WITH CORDURA® FABRIC’. So be sure to check back regularly to find out about the latest products.

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