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January 22, 2018 |

Bags for women, designed by women with a certain . . . shall we say, attitude? That’s the radical concept powering Agency Aspect™ - a new brand driven by design leaders Liana Delucca Johnson and Michelle Rose. After years in the business they set up their own company to pursue their vision of creating equipment and apparel that fosters freedom and movement in every aspect of women’s lives.

Yes, women want bags to be beautifully luxurious. And, yes, they want bags to be a lot more than just functional accessories. A tough problem to combine both? Not for these two – and not for these two bags they’ve designed: a Hybrid Crossbody Bag, and a Hybrid Messenger Bag. Each built with CORDURA® fabric. Offering style, to be sure, but with all the performance you’d want and expect in the toughest of technical bags. So you get a great combination of beautiful and practical touches, like the luxury of high quality leather and high performance trims – coupled with YKK® waterproof zippers and ergonomic hands-free functionality.

These inspired bags will be available online internationally through the brand’s Kickstarter campaign in mid-January 2018.