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May 12, 2017 |

MOTION TEX PRO FX is a new line from German specialist NITRAS Safety Products – and we can safely say it’s built to last. In both the jackets and pants from this range, CORDURA® Classic fabric is used to reinforce key stress areas of the garments.

NITRAS has seized the advantages that CORDURA® fabrics offer in the field of reliable reinforcement, and how they can complement the look of a garment while enhancing functionality. Using CORDURA® fabric to help provide extra protection and durability where it’s needed most - resisting abrasion, tear and stress to give best-in-class performance for tough environments.

This extra dimension of durability gives MOTION TEX PRO FX a real edge to add to its impressive features. Plenty of generously-sized pockets, strategically placed, including one big enough to take a tablet. Jacket with continuous front zipper for chin protection – and adjustable cuffs to keep out the cold. Reflective detailing for safety. Trousers with durable knee pad pockets, and the option of additional tool pockets.

With MOTION TEX PRO FX, NITRAS are dynamically moving things on. Offering what the serious professional wants – in the shape of great gear that helps them do a great job. And with CORDURA® fabrics, that message is very durably reinforced.