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August 20, 2018 |

Suddenly, the temperature’s rocketing, the pulses are racing, the adrenalin’s pumping like crazy. Things are about to go from bad to worse - and it doesn’t look like help is going to turn up any time soon. But when you have to stand firm, these are the boots to do it in. The Elite Spider X from Magnum.

With a long history of distinguished service, Magnum boots have proved their uncompromising qualities time and again. Whether keeping the peace out on the streets or on the battlefield, they’re worn in over 100 countries around the world by military, security, emergency and police forces.

In 2003 the Elite Force series made its mark on the footwear scene by becoming a globally certified tactical footwear collection. Considered by many to be one of the most progressive lines of tactical footwear in the industry, this collection evolved into the Elite Spider Urban collection.

Now, with the Elite Spider X, Magnum has launched their highest performance boot to date. Designed for the special operations community, this boot was strategically engineered to incorporate top of the line performance materials. One of which, is our CORDURA® AFT (Air Flow Technology) fabric which features high tenacity fiber in a breathable knit construction. for optimal durability and wear ability in all terrains.,

CORDURA® AFT fabric is suitable for use on and off the battlefield, bringing with it a list of benefits for both work and action footwear. It’s available in a wide array of knit constructions including 3D/spacer fabrics and can be laminated with foam or felt and treated to be water repellent. It can also be used for inner lining applications as well as the outer or shell of a shoe. And, most crucially, it combines stylish durability with excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

So you can see why Magnum had to have CORDURA® AFT fabric for their latest cutting-edge development. And, with its enhanced functionality, you can also see why the Elite Spider X appeals not only to tactical forces, but equally to all kinds of people who lead active outdoor lives. At work, or wherever their leisure time takes them. People who Live Durable™ but can now breathe a little easier with the Elite Spider X powered by CORDURA® AFT fabric.