February 07, 2017 |

What a great way to get our 50th anniversary year off to a flying start! At February’s ISPO TEXTRENDS the awards just kept on coming. Fifty of them, in fact. And best of all, they were for innovation across six key textile categories. Including our first “best in category product” win with a CORDURA® 4EVER™ knit by Yoonia (Korea).

The cutting-edge fabrics that won these awards are true testimony to the underlying durable innovation platform fueling the CORDURA® brand’s future and the dedication that our authorized mills bring to pushing development boundaries. Many awards were in the soft equipment category. Not surprising, when you think that the CORDURA® brand’s heritage is in technical backpacks. Here’s a quick look at the on-trend award winners that are helping make this a memorable 50th year.


This category features performance textiles for tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, shoes and more and judges look for attributes like lightweight, durable, abrasion resistant, UV-protection and waterproof. No less than 19 CORDURA® fabrics were recognized.

And among the “Top 10” winners was the recently launched CORDURA® TPX fabric by Chang Ho - a lightweight, specialist laminate fabric. Other winners were hardwearing CORDURA® Lite, Ballistic, Classic and HP fabrics. All showing a modern spin on authentic CORDURA® bag and pack fabrics, and all from key authorised mills including Lee Jo and Dong Jin, Korea. As well as durable CORDURA® AFT knits for footwear from Mifer, Italy.


Another category where CORDURA® fabrics hit the mark. Covering everything from denim with new performance levels, to lighter functional fabrics and finishes with a fashionable edge, these are the kinds of fabrics designed to meet the demand of today’s urban lifestyles.

Ten CORDURA® fabrics were chosen as winners in this category, including CORDURA® Combat Wool™ Denim from Artistic Milliners. A streetwise performance denim combining durability of nylon, the natural warmth properties of wool and the comfort of cellulosic fiber.. What else met the trend requirements? Long-lasting comfort-driven CORDURA® Denims from Kipas, Turkey - part of the latest CORDURA® brand “Authentic Alchemie” Collection. Plus, durable, comfortable CORDURA® 4EVER™ fleece by Yoonia, Korea.


This is the category for lightweight but ultra-resistant woven fabrics that provide protection against the elements. Winners included a range of ultra-lightweight CORDURA® Naturalle™ fabrics all under 80gsm from Yoonia, LeeJo, and One Chang mills in Korea. Also highlighted was one of the new 60% wool blend endurance CORDURA® Combat Wool™ suiting fabrics, from Italian specialists Marlane. Specifically designed for today’s cosmopolitan commuter.


This category is the showcase for next-to-skin fabrics for technical underwear, with pre-shaping, support, thermal or moisture management performance offering all-important added values such as softness, comfort, anti-bacterial or eco-friendly properties. Yoonia, Korea succeeded in gaining top honors here with a best in category win for one of their silky-soft, durable CORDURA® 4EVER™ knits.

Other fabrics recognized in this category include a CORDURA® Combat Wool™ knit fabric, made using the new nylon/merino CORDURA® brand qualifying yarns from Suedwolle Group, Germany.


The focus here is on fleeces, lightweight protective fabrics and performance linings and judges are looking for clear enhancements such as thermal characteristics. Featuring among the winners in this category is a technical play on a classic yarn dyed woven - CORDURA® 4EVER™ wool flannel shirting by Chia Her, Taiwan. A fabric offering enhanced warmth, comfort and abrasion resistance.


A technical category showcasing textiles made with membranes and/or specialist coatings, including two-to-three layer fabrics with stretch that are waterproof, windproof and UV-resistant for ultimate protection against the elements. The CORDURA® brand picked up six awards, with recognitions for lightweight, water repellent CORDURA® Naturalle™ fabrics by One Chang and Yoonia – and for durable water resistant nylon/cotton blend CORDURA® NYCO fabrics from Samtex.


These awards help demonstrate the great versatility of modern CORDURA® fabrics - and how the brand continues to innovate technologies with a focus on endurance and lifestyle apparel applications.

But they also illustrate the great importance we attach to building durable bonds with our valued textile suppliers of CORDURA® fabrics. Here’s what said Cindy McNaull, global CORDURA® brand and marketing director, says on that subject:

“We are pleased to see how our valuable authorized mills are being recognized for their dedication to creating long-lasting, durable CORDURA® fabrics, and we are truly humbled to receive a record-breaking 50 awards in our 50th year. We believe the future of innovation is collaboration, and as we celebrate this major milestone in our brand’s history, we are dedicated to developing the next generation of durable solutions together.”

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