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October 01, 2017 |


Translating into ‘durable’ in virtually every area of active outdoor life, the names of our Japanese brand customers pretty much say it all. And we could add a few more words to that definition. Like innovative, enthusiastic, pioneering and adventure loving.

Over the many years we’ve spent building relationships around the world, we’ve always kept one eye on the east for ideas that help define outdoor and lifestyle gear as it should be.

So let’s give our ‘Made in Japan’ friends a name check. SNOW PEAK, SIERRA DESIGNS, KELTY. All three of them sharing a passion for a lifestyle that demands the maximum in durability to be enjoyed. Opening new doors, you could say, to the outdoors. Creating clothing that lets people seamlessly – and durably – transition from one activity to the next.

And what are they doing right now? Let’s take a look.

SNOW PEAK. Forever striving to bring people closer to nature – and at a rate that’s often hard to keep up with. (Where do they get these ideas?) Take one of this year’s latest lines, the Utility Fishing Pullover.

Using CORDURA® Naturalle™ fabric, this jacket is equal parts style and function. Features include a torrent of zippable pockets, rings and flap compartments – plus a neat button adjustable mesh hem. So, very durably covering all the angles for anglers. But this is Snow Peak. Meaning you’re also looking at a garment so creatively styled that that it makes the perfect casual slip on.

SIERRA DESIGNS. If ever a company was born in the outdoors, this is it. Which explains their obsession with the world of backpacking and camping. An obsession, basically, to redefine every concept of outdoor adventure. Take that old familiar friend, the parka. Sierra did exactly that, and gave it a whole new lease of durable life.

Working in collaboration with leading fabric manufacturer, Kaihara (who supply denim for almost half the jeans made in Japan) they crafted a next generation version. The Limited Denim Mountain Parka – stunningly restyled and solidly built on CORDURA® fabric technology. And it’s a strictly limited edition, so best get one now. If you still can.

KELTY. ”We will be right there with you… adventure after adventure.” That’s the Kelty promise, and it’s one they keep by delivering products built for life – and for generations. Which is where we come in, with our denim inspired 500D CORDURA® Classic fabric.

That’s what puts the durability at the core of Kelty’s latest Urban Denim Daypack. (Durability that’s much needed, because life out on the streets can be as unforgiving as life out in the wilds.) Slick in the city, the pack has an elegant finish and simple silhouette. Tough on the trail, it packs epic endurance.

So, coming back to where we came in, how do you say ‘durable outdoor adventure’ in Japanese? We hope we’ve made it easy.