meet the mill: Daehyun Textile Co., Ltd

January 01, 2017 |

Hanhwa Bizmetro 1-cha, 3F, #311
Guro 3-dong ,Guro-gu
Ian Cheog 
Justin Yoon
DK Kim

Company Profile

Since establishing its main office in the Korean metropolitan city of Seoul in 1981, Daehyun Textile Co., Ltd., has spent more than 20 years as one of the country’s leading manufacturers. With an annual export of $40 million achieved in 2006, Daehyun Textile Co., Ltd., supplies an array of nylon and polyester fabrics for the production, processing, and sale to military and fashion / sports apparel outdoor brands. Daehyun Textile Co., Ltd., credits its success and well-established reputation for international textile products to its high quality, quick delivery and competitive prices. Daehyun Textile Co., Ltd., has been an approved CORDURA® fabric mill for more than a decade.

Kumi Factory:
Volume of production at 1,500,000 yds per month
Weaving M/C Water jet loom at 98 units

Yongchon Factory:
Volume of production at 1,600,000 tons per month
Twisting M/C at 40 units
Warping M/C at 2 units
Beaming M/C at 1 units Daimaru at 18 units (single, double, open)

Current Innovations

In 2007, Daehyun Textile Co., Ltd., joined with Booseong and changed its position from converter to vertically integrated weaver and converter

In addition to weaving machines, Daehyun Textile Co., Ltd., weaving factories also include knitting machines

Twisted Matt, Twills and solution-dyed fabrics are new product developments that offer high value dobbie patterns

Providing high quality control with the latest machinery


Seoul Main Office:
Hanhwa Bizmetro 1-cha, 3F, #311, Guro 3-dong ,Guro-gu, Seoul.Korea / Tel: 82-(0)2-335-5011~5 / Email: / Website: 
Daegu Local Office: 
1821 Bisan-Dong, seo-Gu, Daegu, Korea
Kumi Factory: 
212-0 Kondan-Dong, Kumi-City, Kyounsanbukko, Korea
Yongchon Factory:
Yongchon-City, Kyuonsanbukko, Korea

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