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June 01, 2017 |

She’s one of the brightest of today’s emerging generation of new designers who will shape the look of tomorrow. In fact, her talent is already doing exactly that.

We first came into contact with Bethany in 2016 when she was studying for a degree in fashion at the University of Northampton – and entered one of the vitally important awards we’re proud to sponsor.

This was the Project 20/20 Student Design contest, a quest to find the best young creative talent destined to make an impact on the professional clothing industry. In her own words, Bethany wanted to “. . . .create garments that are stylish, practical and exciting for active and adventurous individuals.”

Well, Bethany certainly did that. Her eye-catching ideas were stunning, and we loved the way she took durability to a new dimension with our fabrics. Her designs were a fusion of fashion and functionality. Meaning they looked totally stylish -but were totally fit for purpose too.

Which was also totally on brief, as they were designed for people who typically worked outdoors in high profile creative tasks. Landscape architects, skilled craftspeople, the professionals shaping the natural and built environment.

On seeing her amazing work, we just had to make her, without question, the winner of our first ever CORDURA® Durable Design (Student) Award.

So what has Bethany been up to in our 50th Anniversary year? Well, as she approached her final university year she said she’d love to continue working with CORDURA® fabrics. The feeling was definitely mutual, so we got together with our mills to identify the best fabric choices for her graduate collection.

The underlying ethos for this was ‘durable survival design’. And we found the perfect solutions in fabrics from mills that were ISPO TEXTRENDS winners. Perfect because they were on trend with the direction being taken by the outdoor sports apparel industry. The type of fabrics used by key brands for high altitude mountaineering and other extreme pursuits gear. Pushing outdoor survival – fused with style- right to the edge.

The garment designs took Bethany to a dizzying height, too. All the way up to the runway at this year’s Graduate Fashion Week in London. The ultimate kudos, and the dream showcase for every young designer. Now, with a First Class degree, we can’t wait to see where her career will take off to. You can follow her progress so far on YouTube, including displays of her original design portfolio sketches, and the fabrics she used. Plus, the stars of her show – the actual garments.

You’ll see for yourself how she’s had such an exciting effect on the way we’re ‘Fashioning the CORDURA® Future’ of durability.


CORDURA® NYCO fabric from Yoonia, Korea
Style # SB-6456/DC (Black)
63% cotton, 25% nylon 6,6, 9% LYCRA® T-400, 3% LYCRA® elastane
Weight: 300 gsm

CORDURA® Naturalle™ fabrics from One Chang, Korea
Style # CDR65-214-5HL (Red)
ISPO TEXTRENDS 2017 award winner – membranes & coatings category
100% nylon 6,6, 2.5 layer printed laminate with Durable Water Repellent finish (C6) – breathable and water proof 10K/8K
Weight: 112 gsm

Style # CDR65-215 (Dark Blue and Orange)
100% nylon 6,6, lightweight water repellent plain weave
Weight: 89 gsm