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CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics create durable, versatile, and resistant products that deliver long- lasting performance for all of your needs.



Perfection Doesn't Just Happen; It's Pursued.

We explore. Prepare. Construct. Create. Test. Wear. Inspect. Reimagine. Try again. And again. This is part of the process that goes into creating advanced CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics and why we work with some of the top innovative and dedicated mills in the industry. 


Our fabrics are designed for comfort and to endure the wear and tear of the day-to-day.




Stop. Go. Repeat. CORDURA® knows all about making fabric that endures and performs at a high level.




Our fabrics are made to handle scuffs, abrasions and tears, no matter what the job is at hand.



Fabric Speaks Loudly

The fabrics you use can say a lot about your products and the story you are trying to tell. CORDURA® offers advanced fabric solutions for apparel and gear, from jogging to hiking to hardcore work environments – everything you need to tell your story with confidence.


You’ve got the designs and now it’s time to stitch things together. Our fabrics have the dependability and history that companies have come to know and trust for over 50 years. It’s our mission to help you find the right fabrics; so, leave us your info and we’ll get things started.

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The pressure is on to design the next standout garment and you need help with fabric. It’s ok. We offer versatile and reliable solutions that can work with your unique designs. Drop us a line and let’s start chatting. We have expert fabric consultants ready to answer all your questions and guide you to the right products.

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To make the best quality fabrics, you need the right fibers. We offer a versatile spectrum of advanced fibers that can help you create your fabric masterpiece. Click the button below and submit your info to get in touch with one of our representatives and find what's right for you.

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We offer an extensive portfolio of fabric technology solutions ready for your products and applications. If you can dream it, we can help you make it.




CORDURA® fabrics are designed to be pushed to the limit and made to last.




Our fabrics have been repeatedly tested to adapt and thrive in whatever environment they’re put to use in. From surviving the extreme altitudes of mountain climbing to high-temperature washing for workwear.




CORDURA® has remained synonymous with durability throughout the years, creating advanced fabrics that adapt to the needs of today and the future.



Elevate and Enhance with our Tag

Brands choose to use our tag proudly because it is a symbol of long-lasting performance and durability. The CORDURA® fabric tag adds value to your products and instills trust in your consumers.


Fabric Technologies

Find the right fabric technologies that work best for you.

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We have authorized mills around the world.

50+ Years of Advanced Fabric Technology

For over five decades, we’ve been innovating and creating advanced fabric technologies that have stretched across the globe. From globally renowned brands to start-ups trying to find their footing, it’s our goal to never stop innovating, adapting, and evolving with the future of fabric.


Footwear, backpacks, military equipment, garments – you name it. We offer versatile and durable fabric solutions for you to start creating.