September 03, 2019 |

We’re not talking about social life here, but fun activities such as ski touring, mountaineering, or any other endurance sports where you’ll find yourself halfway up a mountainside on a wild adventure.

In other words, in the kind of places you want – and definitely need - the high level of protection delivered by this latest jacket developed by the specialist people at BLACKYAK. And you can be sure they know what they’re talking about, because their gear is researched and mission tested by real experts on real expeditions.

 That’s how come they devised the ‘intelligent insulation mapping’ featured in their new Bakosi Jacket. Here’s how it works. The special ‘down’ chambers have been engineered to keep the insulation around the body where its most needed, with larger chambers and more padding. In the sleeves the chambers get smaller as less insulation is required – which also gives you greater freedom of movement.

CORDURA® takes toughness to a new level, too

The Bakosi uses traceable goose down (750 cuin) for maximum warmth – but this jacket isn’t just built to cope with extreme temperatures. Being constructed using two different CORDURA® fabrics means it can take the spills wherever you happen to find your thrills. CORDURA® ripstop construction shrugs off abrasion and resists the tears you expect on jagged terrain, while 4-way stretch CORDURA® also gives you exceptional durability with the extra bonus of flexible movement in the areas you want it most. So slip into a Bakosi, and go as wild as you want.

Did we mention how cool it looks?

Whether you’re waiting for the ski lift or enthralling everyone at the bar with tales of your exploits later, you’ll look like a professional. Because BLACKYAK is what professionals wear to meet every challenge on mountain ranges across the whole globe. And you’ll fit in perfectly, because the new Bakosi is sized and styled for men and women. And with CORDURA® fabric durability, even your image is well protected.