Comfort of cotton with enhanced functionality

Soft comfort performance with staying power. CORDURA® NYCO KNITS are engineered with military-grade INVISTA T420 nylon 6,6 staple fiber blended with cotton for a natural look and feel combined with long-lasting durability.

  • Supple – lightweight flexible constructions
  • Soft Comfort – natural cotton look and hand feel
  • Rugged – resistant to pilling and snagging
  • Strong - excellent bursting strength
  • Stretch – knit construction functionality
  • Minimum 40% INVISTA T420 nylon 6,6 fiber content
Fabric type: Knit constructions – jersey, pique, interlock, rib, terry, brushed fleece and similar. 
Ideal for use in apparel underlayers, base layers, and mid-layers including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jogger pants and similar

Baselayer Knit 


  • 100 gm2 to 220 gm2 range
  • Excellent wicking (moisture management)
  • Natural look and hand feel
  • Military grade nylon 6,6 fiber
  • Lightweight durability

Midlayer Knit 


  • 220 gm2 and above
  • Water resistant – DWR finish options
  • Natural look and hand feel
  • Military grade nylon 6,6 fiber
  • Brushed inner face fleece options

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