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July 18, 2017 |

A review of the new Limited Denim Mountain Parka from Sierra Designs made with CORDURA® Denim from Kaihara, Japan.

You’ve got one in your wardrobe, right? Everyone has. The parka is a design classic, and essential for almost any and every outdoor pursuit. But now, for our 50th anniversary, it’s been given a stylish makeover by Sierra Designs.

So this enduring favorite has just become . . . . well, more enduring. How so? Because it’s constructed using CORDURA® Denim from a leading denim specialist manufacturer, Kaihara.

(These are the go-to people for custom crafted Japanese denim. In fact they have a history dating back over 110 years, and are the largest denim supplier in Japan.) The CORDURA® Denim fabric is based on an intimate blend of cotton and INVISTA’s T420 nylon 6.6 fiber. And for added weather resistance this stylish new model – which is a limited edition – is lined with a 60/40 Plus fabric developed by Sierra Designs.

The parka itself looks great, as you’d expect from an outfit like Sierra. The kind of garment that anyone would be proud to be seen in, even just around town and dressing down casual.

Where it really comes into its own, though, is in less fashionable places. Like the mountains, the woods and the wilds well away from civilization. And in the wrong weather, when it’s cold and wet and you’re a long way from home. All those times when the great outdoors may not always seem so great.

It’s at this intersection when you really get to appreciate just what we mean by ‘Live Durable™’, the ethos behind everything we do. And when durable really starts to take on even more impactful meaning.