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August 21, 2018 |

Swedish company Dunderdon say they’re dedicated to the highest craftsmanship and innovation, without compromising on fit and style. And that’s what makes the brand so popular with younger trade professionals, who are always looking for progressive ideas to make life in the workplace more efficient.

Ideas like taking a work trouser and turning it into a toolbox with amazingly versatile pockets that let you stow away all your essentials. Some open, some zipped, some flapped, some with mesh ventilation – plus one with a cleverly concealed interior knife/pen/torch pocket. And here’s a clever thought. A pair of very handy nail pockets that can be quickly attached or detached, courtesy of easy action D-rings. No need to carry boxes or pouches around, so you have both hands free for more important work. There are just so many ways to keep everything within reach – but without spoiling the fit, freedom of movement and durable comfort.

Talking of comfort, when the workplace gets warmer it’s no sweat. Zip off the lower legs, and you have an instant pair of cool shorts. But here’s the big story. Featuring ripstop strength and stretch functionality, this is a trouser that’s more than tough enough to get down to really hard work. Reinforced at knees, crotch and yoke, the main pant is constructed using rugged CORDURA(R) Naturalle™ fabric made with high tenacity nylon 6,6 fiber for enhanced tear and abrasion resistance and long lasting performance. So like all of your favorite tools of the trade, this trouser is totally reliable and excellent at its job.

Supplying to a worldwide market, Dunderdon is a big name in activewear, leisurewear and streetwear. This success is down to the fact that they stay true to their beliefs. Namely, that design based on function and authentic purpose has a timeless quality that helps keep it relevant. And that fashion is firmly influenced by the practical versatility workwear. So, you can see where the strong style influence comes from in this highly innovative trouser.