meet the mill: Dalitex

January 01, 2017 |

Dalitex Ltd.
Mr. David Avraham Zada

One Stop Shop

Dalitex Ltd. is a Supplier of Wholesale Fabrics, Webbing, Metal and Plastic Buckles, Hook & Loop Fasteners, Cord and Elastic products, Sewing Threads and Zipper Parts. Manufacturer and Distributor - A one stop shop for all your production components.

Family Business

At Dalitex, the textile business is all in the family. Their owner and founder, Israel Ibrahimzade, has been in the textile business for more than 50 years. As a youngster, he produced textiles in Turkey. Since 1979 he has been serving the Israeli diverse textile marketplace. Today, the business is led together with first and second generations.

Steady Growth

With every passing year, Dalitex has added product lines that complement their existing product lines, providing their customers with reliable sourcing at competitive prices.

Their solid vendor partnerships, increasing resources, and commitment to their customers ensure that Dalitex will continue to grow.

Reliable Partnerships

Since 1996, the Dalitex resource base has grown to include factories in USA, China, Korea, Europe, and South America. They work with these factories on a continual basis through long-term partnerships and carefully oversee the quality of their components in each product.

Global Brands

At Dalitex, they import, stock, and re-sell many world known brands such as VELCRO USA, 3M, CORDURA® fabric, WJ Plastic, Cetinkaya ribbons.

Government Contracts

Dalitex is a strong provider in the government contract arena, proudly selling many products that are used in support of their Israel Defense Forces troops and other government agencies. Dalitex is a top classified supplier to ISRAEL MOD; their staffs' clearance allows them to be a part of designing and researching the future requirements of their Military, Police force, and other agencies.

Quality Assurance

Dalitex has developed a long history and extensive background in the import arena. To ensure their product reliability and delivery, they extend their hands-on quality regulation together with their experts and partner labs. Their knowledgeable staff with over 80 years of combined experience in the field works to guarantee that their customer's product needs will be meet to their specifications, timetable and budget.

24-Hour Service

Dalitex has 3 locations throughout Israel. The headquarters and show room are in the heart of Textile district of Tel Aviv, 5000 square meters Logistic Center in Ashdod – Israel's main port. They provide outstanding service to more than 3000 domestic and overseas customers with 24 hours door to door delivery.

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